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Rugs to riches

Use charges to win NFTs from our game. Earn more charges by winning.


What are Rugged Revenants?

Rugged revenants are NFTs that holders will use as playable characters within the game. They provide in-game benefits like flight and extra lives based on their attributes.


Use Charges to win loot

Use Charges to win NFTs of value. That’s right, you can win valuable NFTs for FREE! There are 2 ways to earn charges.

1. Trade in rugged NFTs
2. Play our game       


Use $RUG to upgrade your characters

1. Fire Damage     
2. Acid Damage     
3. Lightning Damage
4. Ice Damage      

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Why join the revenants?


Exchange rugged NFTs


Earn $RUG


Win prizes


The Revenants has partnerships with projects across Solana to provide holders of those projects with in-game power-ups, custom levels, and exclusive in-game characters.

Cyber SamuraiCyber Samurai

Our game will be the first playable game in Sovana! Sovana holders will also receive in-game benefits.


PixelBands is the first generative art and generative music collection on Solana. 4,444 Music X Art Band Members playing either guitar, bass, drums, or keys.


A collection of 3,333 of the DOPEST Cats on the blockchain! Dope cat holders will receive in-game benefits and 1 rugged revenant NFT.

Cyber Samurai

The Cyber Samurai are military nobility of DeFi, on a mission to protect degens from rug pulls and bring harmony to the metaverse. In our first comic we tell the story of Solana’s first year on mainnet.Their mission is to onboard new users to DeFi via NFTs.


The High Roller Hippo Clique(HRHC) is composed of 7,777 hippos living on the Solana blockchain. HRHC is a community-run organization in which everyone provides value back to the community in return for their stake in our decentralized autonomous organization(DAO).

Deep in the Antarctic lives a fun and lively group of penguins who work every day to make the Solana community and their home city of Nootopia a better and more prosperous place. But not everybody shares their love and WAGMI vibes; the Dread MagusGargolon would seek to destroy every one of the Pesky Penguins and reclaim Antarctica for himself!

Be a Goat. Where your identity matters. A label for the ecosystem. Followed by the community. #Goatish

Reject humanity, return to monke… the monkeys' goal is to invade the Solana blockchain with as many individuals as possible, building a large community around them, supported by owner-exclusive advantages.